You want the kids to be able clock a ton of required reading minutes while on the road this summer but the thought of piling books into a totally packed car feels too much like your own version of Gray Gardens. Cut down on space without losing the literary by going digital with audio and e-books. Flip through the gallery for the very best new reads. Bonus: you can check most of these out for free at your local library.

Froggy’s Birthday Wish

Like the Arthur books, the super-popular Froggy series appeals to young kids with an amiable protagonist who gets himself into head-scratching situations. These titles are especially suited to audio because of the frequent use goofy wordplay (“zip, zoop! zup!" "flop flop flop"). Here, all Froggy’s friends and family seem to have forgotten his birthday. Will they remember before his special day is over?

Good for: ages 3-7

Available at, $1.95.

What will your tiny travelers be reading in the car this summer? Share in a Comment below. 

—Emma Bland Smith