Spring is almost here and that means it’s time to stock up on the best new Easter candy to fill your little’s baskets with cheer. You can expect some fun new varieties of your fave candy, along with twists on some classics.

Keep scrolling to check out all the tasty new treats available this Easter!

Bunny Hutch House

Why wait until the end of the year to get your gingerbread house on? This year, build a bunny hutch! The adorable pre-built treat can be found at Costco for just $10 and includes everything you need to make a primo perch for your bunny, including candy and icing.

Kit Kat Bunny Ears

These adorable Kit Kat Bunny Ears are going to hop right into your Easter basket! The chocolate candy comes imprinted with special rabbit ears and is only $3.79 for a pack of six.

Easter Greetings Box

As if this adorable tin from See's Candy couldn't be any cuter, it's packed with 14 pieces of chocolate, too! A collection of dark, milk and seasonal white chocolate truffles fill the Easter Greetings Box ($15.85), which basically takes care of all the candy you'll need to fill this year's basket.

White Chocolate Marshmallow M&M's

It wouldn't be a holiday without a festive twist on the classic M&M. This year, the candy is dressing up marshmallow flavored nibbles in its trademark coating, and in pastel colors. An 8-ounce bag is only $3.19!

Peeps Milk Chocolate Bunnies

New this year to the Peep lineup is the delicious milk chocolate coated version! At only $1 a piece, you can afford to toss a few of these adorable treats into Easter baskets this year!

Sweet Surprise Chicks

These adorable Sweet Surprise Chicks ($8.35) are a must for this year's basket! Solid white chocolate chicks hide inside milk chocolate egg shells in a treat that is just as cute as it is tasty.

Peeps Easter Flavors

This year, even Peeps is outdoing itself with new flavors like Party Cake, Cotton Candy and even Sour Watermelon! Each pack is $2.09.

IKEA Chocolate Bunny

Of course the Swedish retailer would make you assemble your own chocolate bunny––because IKEA. The VÅRKÄNSLA treat is actually super fun and is a nice twist on your chocolate bunny tradition. At $4.29 it's so worth it!

Peeps Jellybeans

This year there are three new types of marshmallow and flavored jelly beans from Peeps! Choose from Marshmallow and Strawberry, Blueberry or Lemon in 10. oz, $5 bags that have all the makings of spring!

––Karly Wood



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