In case you needed another reason to love fall, we’ve got you covered. Not only can you look forward to new shows for yourself, but there’s an all-star line-up of kid entertainment too. From a Duck Tales revitalization to a cautious safety egg, there’s plenty of good stuff on TV (or tablet) this season. Flip through to see our picks for fall’s best new shows for kids.

True and the Rainbow Kingdom (Netflix)

Looking for a solid show with a smart, female leader in it? True and the Rainbow Kingdom follows an intelligent and fearless heroine, eight-year-old True, and her wacky best friend Bartleby the cat, as they come to the rescue of Rainbow City’s citizens. With inspiration at every turn, True’s problem solving skills and creativity make it easy to fall in love with this show. Oh, and did we mention Pharrell Williams is the Executive Producer? Enough said.

Ages: 3+

Online: Netflix


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— Meredith Mortensen

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