A study conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Stuffed Puffs®, purveyor of chocolate-filled marshmallows, in anticipation of National Hot Chocolate Day has some new data on Americans and winter. Polling 2,000 people, results show that 67 percent of parents are looking forward to feeling like a kid again this winter.

Could it be that we are all focused more on the simple things in life in light of 2020? Regardless, 60 percent of parents agreed that winter just feels more magical than other times of the year.

photo: SWNS

In addition to enjoying the chilly weather, over 40 percent of parents agreed that they looked forward to sharing a cup of hot chocolate with their kiddos––marshmallows included.

“There’s something nostalgic about sitting by the fire on a snowy day and drinking a cup of hot chocolate,” said Carla O’ Brien, the SVP of Marketing at Stuffed Puffs. “We weren’t surprised to see that having a marshmallow-filled cup of hot chocolate was the top favorite thing about winter…”

Thirty two percent of hot chocolate drinkers admitted to drinking it on the daily during winter, with 60 percent agreeing marshmallows ranked in the top for toppings. So what else is bright about winter?

Adults shared they believed these activities ranked highest: enjoying a marshmallow-filled cup of hot chocolate, going outside to watch the first snowfall, sitting by the fire to warm up after a day out in the cold, building a snowman, celebrating the holidays, baking winter/holiday treats, skiing/snowboarding and ice skating.

––Karly Wood

Feature photo: Tim Gouw via Unsplash



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