Does your kid go “Vroom, vroom” with anything even remotely resembling a car? Do you find yourself tripping over mountains of Matchbox cars or trying to make room in your home for yet another Hot Wheels track? Well, it’s time you hit the road and take your budding racecar driver someplace where the cars are bigger than boxes and where he can learn the history behind his favorite set of wheels. Inspire your little auto aficionados at one of these car-themed destinations.

The Henry Ford Museum – Deerborn, Mi

Your little one likes to play with cars, so how about seeing exactly how they're made? The Ford Rouge Factory tour—just one piece of the massive Henry Ford visitor complex—allows visitors an inside peek inside the nearly 100-year-old assembly plant. The five-part tour includes a special-effects-laden presentation inside a 3D immersion theatre and ends with a trip up an elevated walkway where visitors can (if it's a business day) see Ford F-150s rolling off the assembly line. If you've got the whole day, check out the museum or the adjacent Greenfield village, where kids can climb aboard a vintage Model T Ford, hop on a historic locomotive train, spin around on a century-old carousel, or bump around the village on a horse-drawn carriage.


photo: courtesy The Henry Ford


Where do you take kids who like to go “Vroom!?” Share with us in a Comment below. 

— Melissa Heckscher