Does your kid go “Vroom, vroom” with anything even remotely resembling a car? Do you find yourself tripping over mountains of Matchbox cars or trying to make room in your home for yet another Hot Wheels track? Well, it’s time you hit the road and take your budding racecar driver someplace where the cars are bigger than boxes and where he can learn the history behind his favorite set of wheels. Inspire your little auto aficionados at one of these car-themed destinations.

Old Car City USA – White, Ga

What began as a car dealership in 1931 has become a sprawling, rusty graveyard featuring more than 4,000 vintage cars. Part nature walk, part scavenger hunt— Kids will love trying to “Eye spy” the countless junkyard treasures scattered amid the 34 acres of north Georgia forest. Try and spot a car with trees sprouting though its hood; the old GM school bus parked hauntingly among the trees; or the 1941 Mack milk truck so rusted its original color can only be imagined. Owner Dean Lewis has called the place a "34 acre piece of art," and, oddly enough, that might be true. 

Insider tip: Bring your camera, but don't be surprised when they charge you for it (admission is $15 if you aren't snapping photos; $25 if you are).

Online: Old Car City USA

photo: Shelley Massey


Where do you take kids who like to go “Vroom!?” Share with us in a Comment below. 

— Melissa Heckscher