Have snow fear on your next snow day with these epic sleds and snowboggans. From classic to creative, you’ll be the most prepared parent on the block. Keep reading to get more info on our favorite snow gear for kids—we’ve got something for everyone.

Sled Legs

With these sled legs wearable snow sleds, you will totally be channeling Tom Cruise's Risky Business knee slide on the slopes. Simple to strap on, easy to transport and fun to ride, each sled leg has a ramp design in the interior foam, so you don’t have to worry about your toes dragging while sliding down the hill. 

Available at amazon.com for $50.

You'll Luge Your Mind

This mini luge sled by Zipfy for ages 5 and older is easy to steer, compact and comes in a rainbow of bright colors (helpful for keeping track of your downhill racers on snow days). With a low center of gravity and a belly-side tread, it'll only take a minute to master this one, and the anti-slip vinyl seat will help you stay on!

Available at amazon.com, $44.95.

A Saucy Steel Saucer

Get ready for hours of fun on snowy hills with this steel saucer by Flexible Flyer. With an extremely slick bottom, it's made of durable steel with two nylon rope handles, guaranteeing you'll have it for years to come. 

Find it at walmart.com for $29.94.

Snow Caterpillar Linkable Sleds

Fun on its own or linked together so that friends and family can slide together, this 26-in. snow saucer from Emsco is built with a heavy-duty connector link that quickly hooks saucers together without any tools. In bright orange, your snow train will be the most coveted on the hill!

Available at target.com, $25.99.

Body (or Booty?) Sled

This one might take the cake on creativity, with five individual sleds for each of your hands, feet, and, yes, booty. While we admit a missing hand or foot (or even bottom) sled would spell disaster on a snow day, there's no arguing its points for uniqueness and lack of pulling-it-up-the-hill fatigue. 

Available at homedepot.com for $20.99.

Fun for the Whole Family

Holding up to four passengers, this family sled is perfect for families with younger kids who're either too afraid to sled on their own, or who've seen enough wipe-outs to opt for a thrill on the same sled as mom or dad. Either way, it's a great ride to have on-hand when the neighborhood kids come calling!

Available at homedepot.com for $48.31.

Sno-Storm Buddy

We're already sold on the adorable penguin and fox designs on this sled from Sno-Storm, but your kids will especially like how fast they'll be sliding down the hill. It also comes in a pack of two, with side-by-side sledding for kids who like to have a pal as they hit the slopes.

Available at amazon.com for $39. 

Double the Fun

It’s double the action, double the fun with this new snowglider bobsled, which can hold up to 220 lbs.

Available at amazon.com, $37.99.

Get Your Kicks

This cool snowboard/kick scooter/sled is a win-win when it comes to easy outdoor play. It’s light, folds up in a flash and comes in four different colors. It can also be used on the grass!

Available at amazon.com, $39.99.

One for the Snow Foxes

Foxes have all the fun on the slopes, especially when they're sailing down the mountain on this fun version made from a thick, raft-grade non-phthalates material and with bright colors that stand out in the snow. Not to mention it’s totally Instagrammable!

Available at amazon.com, $29.99.

Simple Shredding

Got a little snow shredder at home? Let her learn without having to hit the slopes with a Sledsterz board from Geospace. You don’t have to buy bindings, it’s shaped to go fast on neighborhood hills, and it’s made from a sturdy polymer, which means you can pass it down from one snow bunny to the next. Choose from green, blue or red.

Available at amazon.com, $39.99.

Air Thunder Snowboogie

The Wham-O snowboogie not only comes in bold graphics, but the handles can be used like a backpack, which makes getting back up the hill a breeze. 

Available at acehardware.com, $26.99.

Lucky Bums Plastic Sled Racer

Fitted with a steering wheel and handbrakes, the car/truck/motorcycle-loving set will get a kick out of this sled that they can “drive” through the snow. The sleek racer also comes with a pull cord, just in case you need to reign in your pint-sized speedster.

Available online at amazon.com, $59.95.

Sonic Snow Tube

There's nothing quite like a classic snow tube, and this one from L.L. Bean is a splurge-worthy snow toy every kid will love. The rugged shell, which comes in four different prints, helps to protect from punctures, and the semirigid polyethylene base will last for years. 

Available at llbean.com, $129. 

Magic Carpet Rides

The perfect travel companion, this toboggan rolls up for easy grab-and-go sledding by kids and adults ages 4 & up. Who says snow toys have to be bulky? 

Available online at amazon.com, $7.99.

Take a Walk

Winter walks take on a whole new meaning with this flexible flyer collapsible toddler sleigh. It’s got stainless steel runners to make walking in the snow a breeze, the handle has a foam covering which makes it easy to push and there’s even a safety belt for the tiniest member of your crew.

Available at target.com, $97.99.

—Shelley Massey & Ayren Jackson-Cannady

featured photo: Pixabay via Pexels

Editor’s Note: At the time of publication, all items were available for purchase. 

All images courtesy retailers. 


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