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Deciding where to go on vacation can be challenging when everyone in your family wants to do something different. If there’s one thing you can all agree on, though, it’s that you want to go someplace awesome. Any one of the spots on this newly released list of the best vacations in the world is guaranteed to please everyone.

U.S. News & World Report just released its annual rankings of the Best Vacation Destinations. Analyzing more than 300 locations, U.S. News combined travelers’ opinions with expert reviews to narrow down the selection. Each location is scored in ten categories, including sights, culture, food and adventure. Rome topped the list as the number one destination in the world, and these spots followed:

1. Rome

2. Sydney

3. Porto

4. London

5. Paris

6. New York City

7. Florence

8. Prague

9. Barcelona

10. Dubai

The report also broke down rankings for other categories, like the Best Small Towns in the U.S., and the Best National Parks in the U.S. Sonoma, California and Breckinridge, Colorado topped the list of small towns, while Grand Teton National Park, the Great Smoky Mountains and the Grand Canyon were the best of the National Parks. The top ten U.S. destinations overall were:

1. New York City

2. Philadelphia

3. Honolulu-Oahu

4. Maui

5. San Francisco

6. Grand Canyon

7. Sonoma

8. Washington, D.C.

9. New Orleans

10. San Diego

For the full lists of rankings in all categories click here.

Where is your family headed this summer? Is your vacation spot on this list? Tell us in the comments below.