It’s the unofficial end of summer. (Sigh.) Before you head off on your last trip of the season, we’ve got you covered with the best and worst times to travel for Labor Day.

Getting stuck in an endless line of Labor Day weekend traffic or heading out to the airport only to wait with the other gazillion travelers at security isn’t exactly fun—especially when you’re traveling with kids in tow. If you’re all about avoiding airport wait time (and really, who isn’t?), RewardExpert figured out when you’re most likely to experience travel delays.

Photo: Anugrah Lohiya via Pexels 

After reviewing five years of travel data from the Department of Transportation, RewardExpert predicted what the busiest and least busy times would be for the 2018 Labor Day flight season, which spans today, the Wednesday before Labor Day to the Wednesday after the holiday.

First, let’s talk when you shouldn’t travel. The worst Labor Day holiday travel days are the Friday before and the Tuesday after. According to the data, these have the worst rates of on-time departures and arrivals.

So when is the best time to leave for your Labor Day vaycay? The best days for on-time departures and arrivals are Labor Day Monday and the two days before it. The fourth best day to travel is the Wednesday before Labor Day—so today’s not great, but it’s certainly better than Friday!

—Erica Loop



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