Beyond Limits Academy

Beyond Limits Academy is an online program that helps parents teach their children how to manage their screen time in a responsible and balanced way. Our online courses provide families with a step-by-step, comprehensive screen time plan that actually works.

One of our co-founders, clinical psychologist Dr. Demi Rhine developed the program based on the young patients she was seeing in her clinic struggling with the effects of screen time use as well her extensive training in self-regulation.

The best way to understand our approach is to think about Driver’s Ed – We don’t hand our kids the keys to the car without preparation. Tech devices are similarly complicated to “maneuver” and potentially dangerous. Your child needs training, and Beyond Limits courses show you exactly how to train them. Our newest course is now open – check it out. We only take 50 families at a time so that Dr. Demi Rhine can provide personalized help and ensure that each family walks away confident with a screen time plan that works for their child.


-from Dr. Demi Rhine, Beyond Limits Academy
Online: https://thebeyondlimitsway.com/