More and more families are turning to puzzles, board games and playing cards as a way to keep busy. Most families have a deck (or two) lying around their house. Now on Bicycle Cards resource page you can find a new card game or magic trick to delight your kids. 


Bicycle playing cards are suitable for all ages and group sizes. There are countless easy, fun and accessible games that everyone can enjoy using these cards.  

While many of us typically enjoy our Bicycle Cards over a game of gin rummy or poker, a deck of cards actually has a limitless amount of ways to be used and enjoyed. This can include practicing card or magic tricks or even making up a whole new card game on your own. The company behind Bicycle Cards has created a FREE fun and educational resources page available online or through Bicycle’s How To Play app. These online tools include games to play, rules, and introductory videos for magic and the new art of cardistry.

—Jennifer Swartvagher

Featured photo: Amanda Jones on Unsplash


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