We’ve all witnessed a brand new toy being thrown aside to play with the box it came in for hours on end, but did you know that playing with cardboard boxes actually helps your kiddo’s development? The blank canvas of a cardboard box allows kids to use their imagination, while developing dexterity and spatial awareness. Let’s see a nerf gun do all that. Now you can really give them a cardboard box to play in, but not the dusty, old, storage box in the attic. The Bildopolis Big Bilder kit has made major upgrades to the traditional box playtime.
The Bildopolis Big Bilder kit gives kiddos the freedom to build their own world without rules, in a simple, fun, ecologically friendly way that challenges them to think outside the (cardboard) box. Using Bilding Boards of various shapes, little architects can construct an infinite number of structures to play in and worlds to create. Here are some examples of “bildings” made by kiddos from around the world.The Big Bilder kit includes 26 Bilding Boards, 100 Bilding Dots and a Bilding Manual all in a convenient storage box. At $80 it’s a bit of a splurge, but the Bilding boards are super-durable and the velcro Bilding Dots are reusable so your kiddo can build, dismantle, and rebuild their Bildopoli for many, many moons. Made from 40% recycled cardboard, Bildopolis is also environmentally friendlier than most of the toys in their room.

Online: bildopolis.com

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— Katie Garcia