Bilingual Birdies, LLC

Bilingual Birdies is super fun bilingual education program where live musicians teach Spanish, French, Mandarin, and English to kids up to age six! A typical class takes children on an epic adventure to explore themed curriculum that relates to the developmental world of children. Discovering jungle animals, understanding pedestrian safety, and building a rocket ship to travel to outer space are a few of the out-of-this-world journeys kids take while learning new vocabulary in another language. Teachers are native speakers who use original hip tunes your kids will love along with puppetry to enhance social-emotional development, and conclude each class with a bubble dance party extravaganza. Bilingual Birdies is so much more than just a language program. It’s an opportunity to celebrate diversity and culture in each session! In person classes are available in 15 cities across the US and online classes are at a convenient schedule for every time zone. Also, we do bday parties and private lessons for those who want to experience the bilingual magic with their personal group of friends. Join the bilingual education movement and set your child up with the bilingual advantage in the most engaging way possible!

-from Sarah Farzam, Bilingual Birdies, LLC
Phone: 646-443-1313
Online: http://www.bilingualbirdies.com