How did you announce your pregnancy? Yes, it was probably sweet. And yes, it was probably one of the most memorable moments you’ve had (of course, that is until the actual birth of your baby). But chances are it didn’t include a celebrity. Well, when Robbie Schloss and his wife Kristen made the big reveal they got some star-studded help. Check out their adorably awesome story!

The soon-to-be parents were at a Chicago Cubs game, sitting behind home plate. Oh, but they weren’t just sitting behind home plate. Nope. As it turns out, the couple was also sitting next to actor Bill Murray.

Of course, sitting next to the iconic comedic actor is pretty much enough in itself. If you were in their position, maybe you’d ask for an autograph. Okay, okay. It’s not 1987, it’s 2017. So maybe you’d ask for a pic with the actor that you would then post on Facebook and Instagram, after tweeting it out to your friends. But this couple went one step further.

After Kristen struggled with fertility issues, she and husband Robbie were finally able to get pregnant. And when they saw Murray sitting next to them, they knew they had stumbled upon the perfect way to announce their baby news. That’s right. Bill Murray recorded a video announcement for the happy expectant couple!

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