Remember kids, the most important thing is: mommy tried. Mommy clearly failed though, so please eat your birthday cake from Costco while she broods over these epic baking fails.


It looks like Tinkerbell has been eating the cake, not being the cake.


A cake fit for a princess, or a bachelorette or a porn star.


I get it, it’s Cinderella. Here is the thing though: If you can’t draw then you can not make a cake like this.


Pretty sure this is a lamb. Pretty sure this took an entire day to craft. Pretty sure this mom is sitting on the kitchen floor in a puddle of tears over this cake fail.


This creation looks exactly like the picture…except a whole lot worse. Just tell the party guests you let your son bake the cake. Problem solved.


Elsa’s mugshot cake. Mom: Just “let it go” and buy a cake.


Nailed it! Happy birthday, sweetie. This year for your birthday mommy make you a cake of nightmares.


This looks as if it should be totally doable.  Clearly not.


Someone woke up ambitious and ready to bake their 4-year-old son an epic dinosaur cake.


This cake right here is why I buy my kids birthday cakes. Even in its simplest form it is destined to be a fail, a big fat fail.