While you might not convince your kiddos to try squid ink pasta or charcoal crackers, we’re betting black olives, raisins and maybe even black beans are a regular part of their rep. This “Black Friday” instead of shopping ’til you drop, try serving up something dark and yummy. Read on for the list. 

black scotty dog candy black licoricephoto: Kate Ter Haar via flickr

For the Sweet Tooth

Black licorice, especially in the form of Scotty Dogs

Blackberries (try frozen this time of year)

Black sesame macarons, get the recipe here.

black rice photo: ronamae via flickr 

For the Staples

Black beans/black bean soup

Black rice

Black lentils

Black quinoa

pizza with black olivesphoto: megan via flickr

For the Snacker


Black olives


black pastaphoto: Ivan Lian via flickr

For the Foodie

Black Pasta

Black Garlic

Charcoal Crackers

Black sesame seeds

What black foods have you tried? Did your kids like them? 

—Amber Guetebier