Do your kids get along? Some sibling rivalry is completely normal. Right? Apparently, it happens to us all — even celebs. Well, the kids of celebs that is. When Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds added to their broad, daughter James wasn’t exactly old enough to protest about the birth of baby sis Ines. But now that she’s a full-fledged toddler, she’s ready to show her feelings.

While appearing on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Lively said of James, “She does the thing where she’s just like ‘Oh, I’m loving her so much but I’m actually really harming her right now.’ You know that thing? And I think she knows what she’s doing.”

So how does this play out in the Lively/Reynolds household? Lively admits that when James said she wanted to be Cinderella for Halloween, the tot wasn’t exactly sweet with her costume suggestion for little sis. When Lively suggested that baby Ines go as Elsa, James replied, “No, Mike Wazowski.”

Hmm. Pretty princess or one-eyed monster? Oh, but that wasn’t all. When Lively then suggested that James go as Moana, the toddler wanted Ines to dress as Heihei. Yep. The chicken.

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