The first time 26-year-old Nathan Edge saw his baby’s ultrasound was a little different than most. The U.K. native accompanied his girlfriend to the couple’s 12 week ultrasound and while he was very excited, he knew the experience would be unique.

That’s because the dad-to-be is blind. Not wanting for Edge to miss out, his girlfriend Emma Fotheringham teamed up with local guide dog trainer, Deb Fisher to come up with a way for him to “see” their baby. The result? A completely one-of-a-kind embroidered ultrasound.

The tactile ultrasound has all the detail the 2D photo has so that Edge can experience the joy of seeing his baby. Since sharing the work of art, the couple has announced they are expecting a baby boy.

If you’d like to follow Nathan and Emma along in their parenthood journey, check out their YouTube channel.

––Karly Wood



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