Raise your hand if you had more than a few eye-rolling moments at dear ol’ mom and dad in your youth. Yep. Parents are soooo not cool. Oh and this doesn’t apply to just us regular folk. Even celeb parents aren’t immune to the judgement of their kiddos. When a video of Blue Ivy embarrassed by her parents recently went viral, we all saw first-hand just how real Beyoncé and JAY-Z are.

Sure, thundering crowds of fans may gather to hear Beyoncé and JAY-Z. But that doesn’t really seem to matter to 6-year-old Blue Ivy. Recently the little girl, who is currently with her parents on their On the Run Tour II, showed her intense distaste for an all too intimate (at least, for the little girl) clip of mom and dad.

Fans are treated to a sneak peek into the power couple’s life during home videos played during their live shows. It’s rumored that a risque clip kicked off a hilarious reaction from Blue Ivy.

Like any other child faced with mom and dad being totally uncool (or over-sharing to the umpteenth degree), she shakes her head in total embarrassment. But that’s not all. The little girl ducks down, trying to escape the situation.

Aww. Poor Blue. But it kind of makes all of us other embarrassing mamas feel just a little bit better. Hey if it can happen to Beyoncé, it can happen to anyone.

—Erica Loop

Featured Photo: Beyoncé via Instagram 


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