The hair. The beard. The happy little trees. The magnificently ‘80s-esque painted landscapes. Oh, Bob Ross. How we loved him. He created his masterpieces on TV, with all of us as his audience. As the host of The Joy of Painting, Ross painted his way into our hearts on PBS every week. If you’re a mega Ross fan (or you just have some fond memories of watching the guy on TV), Target is now carrying a new game that you’re going to adore. Seriously.

The Bob Ross: The Art of Chill Board Game is possibly one of the best things we’ve seen in a while. Not only is the cover of the box completely rad (it’s got a photo of the artist with one of his landscapes filling in his iconic poufy hair), but the entire thing is just pure awesomeness.

The goal of the game is to finish one of Ross’ masterpieces before he does. You get paint palettes, technique cards, an easel, double-sided paintings, feature markers and a Bob mover.

As you paint “happy little trees” and “almighty mountains” you earn “chill points.” If you finish your masterpiece before Bob, you get chill status.

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