When you’re expecting a baby, nursery becomes the most important room in the house. You start imagining what your child will look like, you’re deciding on names, envisioning their future and doing your best to ensure that they have everything they could possibly wish for.

For parents who are looking for something a bit less conventional than those usual ‘pink-is-for-girls’ baby girls’ nurseries, boho might be the st‌yle we’ve all been waiting for. At the same time vintage and eclectic, boho is fresh and unusual and parents are in love.

Embrace the naturals and neutrals

Those who are familiar with more traditional bohemian décor will immediately think of those dark, cozy rooms with a number of candles and heavy curtains on windows and conclude that this is not suitable for a baby. Luckily, modern Boho chic focuses on a completely different approach and aims to make any room light and airy.

Open spaces and neutral palettes are welcome, which makes it possible for you to focus on what really matters—the materials. Whitewashed walls covered in organic paint, crib with organic cotton sheets, wool blankets, gentle essential oils for air fresheners and wooden toys will all make the space safer for your girl. Not only is this approach gender-neutral, but it allows you to express your creativity by focusing on details.

For the love of accents

As we mentioned before, more traditional Boho décor would focus on bold colors, but nursery requires a more subdued look. Even if you keep the walls completely white, you can bring in new life with lively patterned bedding as well as with multi-colored bunting. This way, you will keep most of the original charm of the st‌yle without making the room too colorful for your girl’s sensitive eyes.

Another great thing to focus on are patterns—you can get your hands on some good-quality wallpapers with Moroccan, floral or geometric print, you will completely transform the place. If such wallpapers seem like a bit too much, you can always opt for curtains instead.

All eyes on walls

One of the best things about Boho are those charming little decorative pieces you can keep on the walls or shelves. Small, antique rugs and tapestries are a great way to add more life as well as charm to your girl’s room and if you’re crafty, you can even make macramé tapestries or curtains and hang them too.

Delicate dream-catchers are also a great idea, as these are one of those signature-Boho décor items, but you can also make small wreaths using glass beads and different crystals and hang them on the window so they turn boring old sun rays into playful little rainbows.

Let there be light

Lighting is extremely important, and light fixtures are also a great way to incorporate some Boho vibes into your nursery. We have talked about how glass beads and crystals turn lights into art, so you might want to decorate chandeliers and lamps with small glass pendants to create that magical atmosphere.

If you don’t want to change your light fixtures, you could simply glue a bit of lace onto the brim of the lamp shade and voila—a perfect Boho décor piece that’s useful at the same time.

Declutter the space

As your baby girl grows, she will need more space for crawling and exploring the world, but she can’t do that if the room is filled with furniture. You can take out some of the things you want to keep and store them someplace safe until the time is right.

All those charming potted plants and half a dozen floor cushions might look nice, but they will make the space claustrophobic. Instead, you can find a self storage unit and keep the things safely tucked away until the time comes for your little girl to claim them for her room. What is more, you will also appreciate being able to move around without fear that you’ll trip on something and fall down.

Focusing on textures

There might not be a need for dozens of furniture pieces, but that doesn’t mean that the room is doomed to look plain and boring. Help your baby girl get to know the world by introducing different textures in the nursery. Rugs and carpets should be in focus, especially as she will start crawling before you know it.

Cover the cold, hard floor with luxurious faux fur rugs and tightly-woven ones with print and you will get the best playground for a curious girl. Add floor cushions with embroidered details and look as your girl touches them with fascination as she explores the room.

The most important thing to remember, though, is that your child will not remember what their nursery looked like at first. What children care about is having fun, playing games with friends, siblings and parents, and exploring the world.

So, if you don’t manage to decorate the room exactly the way you imagined it, give yourself a break. After all, your child should be healthy and happy, and everything else in life is extra.


Featured Photo Courtesy: Megan Hodges via Unsplash


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