Guy Fawkes Night, or Bonfire Night, is a celebration of King James’ survival from a planned explosion (spoiler: It never went off). Now it’s a celebration of fireworks, bonfires and lots of comfort food before winter sets in. So for the 5th of November we’re taking a cue from our friends across the pond. Read on to see what treats you and your little firecracker can make today.

toffee apples - cc riyaad minty via flickr

photo: Riyaad Minty via flickr

Toffee Apples
The best part about toffee apples are how they are crunchy all the way to the interior! In the United Kingdom, toffee apples go hand in hang with bonfire night. For us, we love how easy these treats are to make with your kids. Check out this sweet recipe from BBC Good Foods.

parkin cake - cc andy reeve via flickr

photo: Andy Reeve via flickr

A traditional gingerbread cake made with oatmeal and treacle, the Parkin cake has become a food tradition for Guy Fawkes night. In Leeds, November 5th is even know as Parkin Night. This Northern England sponge cake is sticky, sweet and good for two weeks after baking. Want to make this dessert? Click here for the recipe from BBC Good Food.

sausage rolls - cc yum9me via flickr

photo: yum9me via flickr

Sausage Rolls
These sausage rolls are traditionally cooked over the bonfire, but if an open fire isn’t readily accessible, we’re sure an oven could do the trick. When it comes to baking pastry, a handy tip is to wait for the golden brown color. Scrap a knife or fork against the edge and if it sounds crisp, it’s ready to come out of the oven! Get the recipe for sausage rolls here.

baked potato - cc matt deturck via flickr

photo: Matt DeTurck via flickr

Jacket Potatoes
The traditional baked potato, also known as a jacket potato, is a beloved English street food. While they typically cook in a bonfire in England, an oven works just fine. Eat it plain with butter, fill it with cheese and sour cream or follow this delicious veggie-filled recipe here.

soup baby - cc richardalan via flickr

photo: RichardAlan via flickr

Being outside next to a roaring bonfire is all about staying warm, and nothing keeps those little hands and feet warmer than a nice bowl of soup. Fancy a basic beef stew or an easy crock pot vegetable soup? Check out these 22 stews that will warm you right up.

What will you make for Bonfire Night? Tell us in the Comments below!

— Christal Yuen