You probably know Boppy as the makers of those sweet (and crazy-comfy) feeding and support pillows. Well, they’re much more than just a pillow-maker. The Momkind Project is Boppy’s three-pronged program aimed at helping to educate, empower and support new mamas and their families.

So what exactly is The Momkind Project? To start with, Boppy’s newest project started Jul. 16 and goes all the way through the end of the month (Jul. 31). The goal of The Momkind Project is to raise safe sleeping awareness and give mamas the tools they need to keep their babies happy and healthy!

Photo: Courtesy of Boppy


There are nearly 3,500 sleep-related infant deaths each year, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. Understanding what puts babies at risk for SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) is absolutely, positively essential for every new mommy. And that’s exactly what Boppy, along with the non-profit organization First Candle, wants to make sure happens. In other words, they’re getting the word out about SIDS (and protecting your child) in a major way.

Along with educating new moms and soon-to-be mamas on the importance of safe sleeping, The Momkind Project is also empowering them, both before and after delivery, with help from Boppy’s Professional Healthcare Channel. And after all, what new mommy doesn’t need a little (or more than a little) help?

The Momkind Project also helps to support families in need as well as military families through much-needed donations.

What can you do to help your kiddo sleep safely? Make sure that they have a firm, blanket/pillow/toy free crib mattress, never let your baby sleep on a regular bed or a sofa, remove all possible strangulation hazards (such as cords) from the crib area, don’t co-sleep in your bed, don’t let your baby sleep in the stroller/car seat/carrier or sling, make sure that your baby isn’t overly warm while sleeping, don’t smoke near baby.

Check out The Momkind Project for more info on safe sleeping! Oh, and follow this link to help The Momkind Project help even more moms. Just answer a few safe-sleeping questions and Boppy will donate $1 in their products to families-in-need (up to $5,000).

—Erica Loop

Featured Photo: Courtesy of Boppy


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