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When my little one was born, the question on how to feed him was on the top of my list. I knew that after breastfeeding, finding a bottle that gelled with him had to be a solid win (waking up at 4 a.m. to feed and bottle struggles? No, thank you).

I wanted one that helped to prevent colic, stored easily and most importantly, be a hit with the little one. After all, they were going to be BFFs until he hits at least a year old.

A lot of bottles check all the boxes for formula feeders, but few focused specifically on breastmilk, which has its own challenges when transitioning from breast to bottle.

Nanobébé thought the same thing and invented one of the most thoughtful product lines designed specifically for you mamas out there. Consider this a game-changer.

photo: Sandra Lee

Natural Design

This bottle looks like nothing out there. It’s shaped like a breast—which is also a fun conversation starter when company comes over at baby feeding time—and the nipple is triple vented to prevent gassiness and colic, one of my must-haves in researching bottles.

The pint-sized shape and domed designed assures the good stuff (nutrients) make it into your baby’s body. It also comes with adapter that attaches to most breast pumps. Yes.


photo: nanobébé

A Newborn Gift Set for New Mommas

The nanobébé newborn gift set comes with a drying rack, bottle warmer and sterilizer all designed with these unique bottles in mind. No more looking on Amazon to find the best drying rack or bottle warmer that might break after a week of use.

The non-electric smart warming bowl helps bottles warm quickly—two to three times faster, for when your baby is so hungry his cries get louder and louder—and evenly with just tap water, which eliminates the issue of mold (#gross).

The sterilizer is designed to go in the microwave and the best part is that the contents remain sterile for 24 hours, so you can go to bed and wake up to clean bottles. And don’t forget the bags, which don’t leak and have a double zipper closure, meaning that milk isn’t going anywhere until it’s time to use.


photo: Sandra Lee

Brilliant Bottle Storage

The storage design is definitely one of my favorite features. Ever look at your fridge and think where all the bottles are going to go? Yeah, me too. These bottles take up such little space that all you need is a corner shelf and you’re golden.

The drying rack is slim and sleek, making drying fast and efficient. When done, just store until you need it again.


photo: Sandra Lee

Stress Less about Bottle Feeding

If you’re ready to go from breast to bottle, give the nanobébé breastmilk bottle a try first. With a design to look like a breast, your little one will already know what to do with his hands, head and lips to encourage a natural transition.

Now you’ve got a free hand to Insta those pics from baby’s first mommy and me class!

photo: nanobébé

This Momma’s Fresh Take

The bottle is unique and definitely designed for the modern breastfeeding mama. Formula feeders will like its simplicity to clean and assemble, but some of the cool features get a bit lost when it doesn’t pertain to breast milk.

The bottles also only go up to 5 ounces, so it’s best to use when your little one is still little. A bigger baby drinking 8 ounces would require multiple bottles.


photo: nanobébé

The Bottom Line

Us mommas struggle day in and day out about how to best feed our little babies from the minute they are born. We want the best for them, and nutrition is where it all starts.

If you’re looking to transition from breast to bottle, give nanobébé breastmilk bottles a try. It just might be your game-changer, too.



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