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Your kids are sure to play with their holiday gifts beyond Christmas morning, but your partner is another matter. That luxurious robe you offered last year? Still hanging with its tags in the closet. This year think inside the box — literally — for a gift that keeps giving all year. From personal stylists for him and her to gourmet ingredients and recipes delivered to your door, we dug up a handful of great box delivery services.

Best for Men Who Need Style Help (or Want to Revamp Their Wardrobe): Trunk Club
When you first met, your now-husband wore button downs and if you were lucky, a blazer for your date nights out. Now, you can’t even imagine him shedding his weekend lounge duds. Recapture the dapper guy you fell in love with and kick up his style a few notches with Trunk Club, a delivery of hand-selected premium clothing that fits your partner’s style and body type.


How it Works:
Complete a profile so Trunk Club’s stylists can assess your body type and style preferences. You’ll be ushered through a series of questions including measurements, stores you shop at, and what type of dresser you consider yourself: clueless (um, sweat pants aren’t okay for parent-teacher conferences?), confident (you know your style) or aficionado (you’re already a great dresser, but just need an extra boost). Trunk Club’s stylists then select styles based on your inclinations and ship a box directly to you so you can try on your new clothes in the comfort of your home. Each trunk is unique so you may receive just a few items or as many as eight hand-picked pieces. Shipping is free both ways and you’ll have 10 days to try out your clothes after which you’ll be charged for the items you decide to keep.

Good to Know:
If your style-adverse man of the house has questions he can reach out to his stylist at any time. They’re available via phone, email, text, Trunk Club’s iPhone app or the website. They’re still working on the telepathy.

Creating a style profile and receiving a box of hand-picked goods is totally free. However, if your partner decides he loves the styles and wants to keep them, the cost will be similar to high-end retailers. Denim prices are $170–$250, casual shirts $100–$200, and sweaters $100–$300.

Best for Trying Out Different Scents Without Investing in an Entire Bottle: Bergamot
Enter the beauty store and you’re apt to splash a new fragrance on the inside of your wrist. But even if you love it, you’re hesitant to scoop up another you’ll barely use (exhibit A: the half-used bottle from 1999 sitting in your vanity). The solution? Sign up for Bergamot, a new business that ships boutique fragrances to you on a monthly basis.


photo credit: Bergamot’s Facebook page 

How it Works:
Each month Bergamot will send you three 2-ml. perfume samples so you can try and wear each as you please (no more spraying scents on those pesky white tabs of paper). Bergamot provides perfumer interviews and profiles if you’re interested in learning more about where your scent comes from. If you love your delivery, purchase any of the samples through Bergamot and your next month’s shipment is on them.

Good to Know:
Bergamot makes it a point to ship boutique fragrances so unless you’re a perfume expert, chances are you will never receive a scent you’ve already tried on. All of the samples are packaged in glass spray bottles, which makes for easy transport in your purse or diaper bag.

Choose from three plans: a monthly plan for $18 per month, a three month plans for $16 per month or a six month plan for $14 per month. Shipping is always free.

Best for Handwriting Letters to Dear Friends: TOTA Press
Remember the days when receiving a handwritten letter or thank you note was the norm? Unplug from email and recapture the idea of personalized handwritten notes with TOTA Press. Each month TOTA Press will deliver two custom-designed and hand-printed cards whose designs are inspired by the everyday occurrences that pass us by.


photo credit: TOTA Press Facebook page

How It Works:
Each month you’ll receive two letterpress cards that you can use for any occasion–a birthday, congratulations, baby shower, and beyond. Shipping each month is included in the monthly fee and all cards include envelopes and can be mailed with a regular postage stamp.

Good to Know:
Each card is hand printed, which means you’re receiving a one of a kind product that you’ll never see lining the drugstore greeting card aisle.

Sign up for a one month trial ($10), three month subscription ($29) or a six month subscription ($56).

Best for Women Who Don’t Have Time to Shop But Still Want to Look Fab: Stitch Fix
If you have a free moment to peruse the women’s clothes in Target you consider that a win. Forget the hassle of even trying to look at clothes with your kids in tow and opt for Stitch Fix, a personal styling service that makes finding new outfits easy and fun.


photo credit: Stitch Fix Facebook page

How it Works:
Fill out a very detailed styling survey before getting started. Questions include everything from average price you spend on tops, pants, etc. to your thoughts on photos of specific styles to how often you want styles shipped pertaining to a specific occasion (i.e. wedding, laid back casual, business work). Your profile is used by the stylists to hand pick items that they think you’ll like, and maybe even a few that are out of your comfort zone. Each box features five curated items that you can try on in your own home. You pick the delivery date and you’ll have three days to try on the clothes, keep what you want and return the rest in the pre-paid mailing bag.

Good to Know:
Share with friends and you’ll receive a $25 credit for each friend who orders a Fix. Plus, Stitch Fix will send you items based on your designated price range, which ensures that you won’t be paying an arm and a leg (or be tempted to) for styles that you love but cannot afford.

You pay a $20 styling fee for five items and if you decide to keep any items then the $20 is applied against that cost. Keep all five items and you’ll receive 25% off your entire order.

Best for the Cooks Who Want to Save Time in the Kitchen: Blue Apron
Every evening it’s a race to the finish line (aka the dinner table) to meal plan, grocery shop (with our kids), prep the eats and cook the dinner. Easy 30 minute meals we see on television? Yep, that’s not us. To save time and hassle, sign up for Blue Apron, a weekly delivery that includes original recipes and fresh ingredients.


photo credit: Blue Apron Facebook page

How It Works:
Fill out a quick survey selecting the type of plan you want (poultry, meat and fish or vegetarian) and the number of people in your household. Delivery days are the same each week and the box will include enough raw ingredients (most always sourced locally) to create three meals with the right proportions and step by step recipe card instructions. Each dish is designed to take 35 minutes to prepare and Blue Apron never provides recipes that require fancy cookware or spices. Everything is included.

Good to Know:
Day and evening delivery times are available and Blue Apron requires no commitment. You can skip weeks by the weekly deadline or cancel altogether at any time.

Starts at $9.99 per person per meal.

What subscription service will you try? Will you gift one this year (or maybe it for yourself)? Tell us below!

— Erin Lem