photo: David Bateman Facebook page

A stuffed bear can be a kid’s best friend—going on backyard adventures, attending tea parties and there for a snuggle whenever one is needed. One little boy discovered that perfect furry companion in a supermarket, but when his mom didn’t have enough money to buy it for him, he decided to take matters into his own hands with a heartbreaking message.

photo: David Bateman Facebook page

Employees at an Asada supermarket in England stumbled on a handwritten message from 10-year-old Leon Ashworth. The note, written on the outside of a cardboard box with a cuddly panda bear inside, pleaded with shoppers not to buy the bear because he planned to come back when his mom got paid. “Please don’t bye him. It will make me cry” the scrawled message read.

photo: Asada Facebook page

Seeing this heart-wrenching note, the employees immediately took it upon themselves to track down young Leon when he never returned to the store. Using the amazing power of Facebook, they managed to track down Leon’s mom, Debbie Ashworth. They pooled their money to purchase the bear, which Leon had named “Pandy” and gifted it to the overjoyed young boy.

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