When 10-year-old Jacob O’Connor found his toddler brother face down in a pool he knew what to do. The Roseville, Michigan kiddo was at his grandmother’s house when his two-year-old brother Dylan fell into the pool. Instead of panicking, the 10-year-old recalled Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s CPR skills from the 2015 action flick San Andreas. Check out what happened next!

How many people really truly know what to do in an emergency situation? And how many of us would leap into action (and not totally freeze up)? Well, apparently Jacob O’Connor knew exactly what to do. After O’Connor’s toddler brother fell into his grandmother’s pool, the 10-year-old jumped in to save him.

He got his toddler brother out of the water and began chest compressions. So how did he know what to do? In The Rock’s movie San Andreas the action star and super-celeb saved his drowning daughter by doing chest compressions. Luckily, O’Connor had not only seen the film, but he had learned a thing or two about CPR from it.

And what was the result of this straight-out-of-the-movies moment? Jacob saved little Dylan’s life! The toddler spent one day at the hospital recovering, but is said to be in good health now. Amazing!

As the story of the little boy’s hero-esque actions made the social media rounds, Johnson himself tweeted. “Thank you media friends for covering such an inspiring story. What a brave (and calm) 10 yr old boy in the face of that heightened distress.” We totally agree.

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