We are all learning to live in the new normal these days, where items like gloves and face masks are part of our daily routine. With much of the population unable to find necessary items to keep them safe, many have stepped up to the challenge, including Quinn Callander.

As a young Canadian Scout, 12-year-old Quinn found out about a request from local hospitals to make “ear guards,” small items that attach to face masks and help alleviate pressure on the ears due to long-term wear. Not only did he rise to the challenge, making dozens on his 3D printers, his efforts have encouraged others to do the same.

Quinn’s mom shared a link to the 3D file used to make the ear guards, and since then the file has been downloaded over 66,500 times! In addition, the Facebook post where his efforts were originally documented has been shared more than 462,000 times.

Making the ear guards is a labor of love, taking four hours to make eight of them. Since March, Quinn has made over 500 before handing them off to a local Registered Nurse to be handed out to fellow health care workers.

––Karly Wood



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