From sprinkle-covered bread to coconut rice, the first meal of the day looks different depending on where you are in the world. Before you grab that same box of cereal again, try bringing some international flavors to your table with a few new breakfast recipes.  Read on to discover what families around the globe like to eat when the sun pops up.


Breakfasts in Morocco tend to be simple, but satisfying. You’ll find bread or khobz, with olive oil and an assortment of jams and chutneys, possibly along with fruit, yogurt or eggs. Fresh juice and the popular mint tea make tasty beverages on the side. Another delicious breakfast item is baghrir, or Moroccan pancakes. The yeast in the batter causes tiny holes to pop up, giving these treats the nickname of “thousand holes pancakes.” Try making your own with this recipe from My Moroccan Food, and don’t forget to top them with warm honey butter syrup!


A favorite Malaysian breakfast is the national dish Nasi Lemak, a flavorful combo of rice cooked in coconut milk, served with sambal, anchovies, fried peanuts, eggs and cucumber. Experience the flavors with this recipe from Huang Kitchen.


In Thailand, you might rise and shine with a savory rice soup, like this recipe from Pranee’s Thai Kitchen. With ginger, chicken and egg, it’s a warm and delicious way to say Good Morning.


A traditional breakfast in Hungary is hearty and filling fare. Think bread, eggs, meats, cheese, tomatoes and peppers. Kick off your morning with this egg, sausage and bacon breakfast from Hungarian Tidbits.


Yum! This traditional Mexican breakfast dish is made of tortilla strips that are fried, cooked with red or green salsa and topped with cheese. Sometimes meat or eggs are added, along with any number of other fantastic toppings. Easy to make and customize, this is one breakfast that makes getting out of bed easy! Check out this version from Mama Harris Kitchen.


Tortilla Espanola is often eaten for breakfast in Spain, but it also makes a perfect nosh for lunch, dinner or a snack. Grab the recipe right here and taste what makes this superstar potato dish such a knockout.


Tartine, a slice of baguette served with butter and jam, makes a sweet French breakfast, along with fruit, juice or a hot chocolate to wash it down. Some mornings, however, might call for crepes, the famously delicious thin pancakes that can be made sweet or savory. This recipe from Weelicious is simple and fun to make.


Fava beans simmered with cumin, garlic and tomato make up ful medames, a traditional breakfast in Egypt. This recipe from Amira’s Pantry makes use of your slow cooker so the beans will be ready to go when you wake up!


Arepas make a comforting breakfast (or lunch or dinner!) in Venezuela. Made of corn flour, these lovely flat cakes can be grilled, baked or fried, and stuffed with any number of delicious fillings. Try some with egg and cheese, like this recipe by Enriqueta Lemoine at Savoir Faire, or this version from Mommy’s Home Cooking.


Indian breakfasts vary by region, but in South India, idlis are a popular choice. These warm steamed cakes made with rice and lentils make a great morning meal, and they’re great for little hands. Let the kids help you make a batch with this recipe by Cooking Curries.


Bread with butter and jam, ham and cheese, coffee, milk and fresh fruit like papaya are all regulars at breakfast in Brazil. Pao de queijo, a doughy, cheesy and irresistible treat, is also a must-try. Try a batch with this recipe from Olivia’s Cuisine.

Hong Kong

A Hong Kong morning meal might be a bun with sausage and egg, milk tea or noodles with egg and luncheon meat. This Hong Kong-style Macaroni Soup with Ham by Christine’s Recipes is quick and simple. Toss in a handful of veggies for an extra boost!


Breakfast fare in Korea may be rice, soup, leftovers and a variety of banchan, or side dishes. Daniel and Katie of FutureDish have a potato stir-fry banchan that’s totally perfect for kids. Check it out here.


A yummy breakfast in Iran is built around a variety of flatbreads with butter, fruit jams and feta cheese, served with a cup of tea. Another favorite is eggs scrambled with fresh tomatoes, like this recipe by The Persian Fusion.


Although kids in Japan sometimes eat more Western-style breakfasts like toast and sausage with eggs, the traditional Japanese breakfast consists of small dishes like rice, miso soup, grilled fish, pickled veggies, and natto, a dish of fermented soybeans. 


If you’ve got sprinkle-obsessed kids in the house, they’ll definitely love trying a Dutch breakfast of hagelslag. Meaning “hailstorm,” this popular breakfast in the Netherlands is made of buttered bread topped with high-quality sprinkles. Make your own, and then prepare for this to be the most-requested breakfast in the house.


While it’s not uncommon for kids in England to enjoy something simple like cereal, porridge or toast for breakfast, the traditional English breakfast includes eggs, sausage, bacon, mushrooms and tomato. This One-Pan English Breakfast from Kitchen Sanctuary gives you all the flavors in one pan.


Kids in Iceland often start out the day with a thick and hearty oatmeal called hafragrautur, along with a bit of lysi, or fish oil, for a good boost of Vitamin D on those sun-lacking days. Skyr, or Icelandic yogurt, is another popular breakfast, packed with protein, calcium and probiotics. You can sample the goodness with this quinoa porridge with skyr, applesauce and muesli from Karla's Nordic Kitchen. 


Flavorful pho is one way to start the day for kids in Vietnam, although the aromatic broth with noodles and veggies is delicious at any time of day! This quick pho recipe from The Kitchn comes together in less than an hour.


Breakfasts in Italy are sweet and light. Kids might enjoy hot chocolate or milk, along with fruit, yogurt or a pastry stuffed with jam, cream or chocolate. Croissant-like cornetti are sure to bring smiles with their flaky, buttery goodness. This recipe from Silvia’s Cucina will give you a taste of Italy in your own kitchen.    


Known as a full Irish breakfast, “fry-up,” or Ulster fry, depending on the region in Ireland, this ample plate of sausage, bacon, black pudding, fried egg, baked beans, tomato, bread and potatoes is a well-known traditional breakfast. While different households have their own variations on this classic, one thing is for sure—this is one breakfast that will start your day off right! Want to whip up your own? You’ll find everything you need right here.


Cracked wheat cooked with clarified butter and salt makes a comforting porridge known as kinche, a breakfast popular in Ethiopia. With just a few ingredients, it’s inexpensive, quick, nutritious and tasty. Learn how to make your own right here.


Dim sum is traditionally a breakfast for family gatherings, but a day to day Chinese breakfast is much simpler: a combination of noodles, jook (rice porridge) or soup and bread (it ranges from fried dough to steamed buns).


They don't eat cereal in Norway. Instead, they eat muesli, an unsweetened version of cereal that's a cross between oats and granola. It's full of fiber, and with a little yogurt or cream and fruits, it makes for a healthy way to start the day. Cookie and Kate has a great recipe

United States of America

Nobody does breakfast with bread the way like the United States. Pancakes, waffles, french toast ... all these yummy dishes have been reinvented to include fruity sides, peanut butter fillings or even fried chicken!

Which one of our international breakfasts do you want to try? Let us know in the comments below!

—Anna Doogan



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