Being diagnosed with breast cancer in your thirties is traumatic for a number of reasons; between facing your own mortality and trying to figure out how to tell your kids, it’s an emotional and physical roller coaster. And once treatment is over—when the months of chemo and surgeries are behind you— people expect life to go back to the way it was before. Unfortunately that’s not the way it goes; survivors have to adjust to new emotional and physical limitations, and learn to love their scarred bodies.

Mother of three and breast cancer survivor Grace Lombardo is the focus of a powerful new documentary that begins after her treatment for Stage 2 breast cancer ended. The documentary shows the reality of what life after cancer is like for a young mother. and the unique way she learned to love her body again.

This short documentary will make you see breast cancer and breast cancer awareness in a whole new light.

Share this video with someone you know and love. You’ll find hope and inspiration, and you just might want to get a tattoo.

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—Sara Olsher


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