Starting this summer, women will have an easier time breastfeeding at Amtrak stations thanks to the installation of new Mamava units––free-standing lactation pods for nursing and pumping mamas. Working and traveling ladies passing through Chicago, New York City, Baltimore, Washington D.C. and Philadelphia will be able to take advantage of the free facilities, which came as a result of several petitions by two women who struggled to find sanitary and comfortable conditions in station restrooms (duh).

The nursing stations by Mamava are 5-by-9 feet in size and are ADA-compliant. In addition, they offer a bench, fold-down table, electrical outlets, locking door and enough space to bring in your or littles’ luggage.

Mamava pods are free to use and only require moms to download their app. Users can locate a local pod, book it and then use Bluetooth to open the door for a clean and peaceful pumping or nursing session.

Currently, lactation suites can be found at over 2,000 locations all over the United States in various train stations, airports, schools, government buildings and private businesses. You can visit the Mamava website to find locations nearest you.

The move by Amtrak signals still much-needed support for nursing and working women everywhere who need clean and private places to pump while passing through their stations. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that we will see these amazing pods pop up near us, too!

-––Karly Wood

Featured Photo: UNICEF Ukraine via Flickr


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