photo: Breyers

Low calorie and delicious don’t often fit together in the same sentence, but Breyers has managed to make your ice cream dreams come true with a guiltless dessert that you will actually crave.

Breyers is apparently trying to give Halo Top some stiff competition with their new Delights line, which features all your favorite flavors for as little as 260 calories for the entire pint. They are also packed with protein, at 20 grams in every pint, so you probably won’t feel the urge to indulge in seconds, but if you do, it’s no biggie.

photo: Breyers

The new low-calorie line currently offers vanilla bean, mint chip, cookies and cream and creamy chocolate. We tried two of the new flavors and, while we weren’t bowled over by the mint chip, cookies and cream totally rocked our world.

These healthier alternatives to their classic flavors join a few other items new to the grocery store freezer aisle. Recently Breyers also introduced two non-dairy flavors, vanilla peanut butter and Oreo.

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