photo: Katherine Sabbath via Instagram

Round cakes with lots of layers are pretty for parties (and yummy if you like lots of frosting), but when you’ve got a room full of sugar-loving kids, it’s tough to slice up portion-perfect pieces.

Enter this brilliant cake-cutting hack from Instagram baking star Katherine Sabbath, an Australian “home baker” who shares her gorgeous baked goods with almost 400,000 followers.

The trick is this: instead of slicing the traditional pie-slice wedges you’ve probably been doing since you cut your first cake, you instead cut across the entire cake (like you’re slicing a watermelon); then cut that massive slab into small columns. It’s, as Sabbath writes in her post, “A fine example of how to cut my whopper of a cake into responsible servings!”

Cake-cutters everywhere are watching: Sabbath’s Instagram post has already been viewed more than 1,451,000 times.

Click on the below video to watch the cake-cutting magic happen.

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