Fans of the film This Is 40 may remember a dejected Leslie Mann starring at an oh-so-perky Megan Fox, wistfully wondering where her pre-baby boobs went. Well the same goes for former SI swimsuit model and mama of two Brooklyn Decker. After the svelte stunner was Twitter-trolled for her less than curvaceous postpartum body, she clapped back—getting the attention of plenty of other mamas who are in the same boat.

With a fab, fit figure that’s graced magazine covers, Decker probably isn’t used to body-shaming. But now that her curves have calmed down (which is totally normal after having kiddos), the internet is all over her seemingly sudden slimness.

After a reading a tweet that referred to her body as “gangly”, Decker responded, “For the umpteenth time — because people love to comment on my body (or lack thereof) my children sucked the life out of my body and left behind a bag of bones.”

Decker also added, “I don’t know what else to tell you. I miss my boobs too- I don’t even know what to call them now.” As many of us know, the lack of…um, front fullness is a serious side effect of having babies.

One mama commented on Decker’s tweet, writing, “I always wonder where my boobs went after having my two children…WHERE DID THEY GO?? Of course, I say this to myself, at night, in privacy. I don’t care who you are, not ok to say this to you!!” Totally agreed!

—Erica Loop

Featured Photo: Brooklyn Decker via Instagram 



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