Waiting for the day that bulky car seats become easy to move around? Don’t hold your breath. Instead, blow up the BubbleBum. It’s an inflatable booster that folds down to fit inside a compact little sack, so you can take it anywhere without feeling bogged down. We think it’s the best thing to happen to family travel since license plate bingo.


BubbleBum is a booster seat, which means it’s appropriate for kids ages 4-11 years old or 40-100 pounds. It meets all of the US Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, which is reassuring considering that the concept is head-smacking simple: You simply turn its air valve to open, blow it up by mouth and twist the air valve to close. What you get is a buoyant, comfy booster that’s perfect for in-a-pinch moments, from carpool pickups to taxi rides.


What’s especially cool about BubbleBum is that it has seat belt positioning clips in place of arm rests, so it fits into smaller spaces where other boosters won’t. You can actually fit three kids across the backseat. It comes in an array of different colors, including flashy new neons, and fits in a backpack, globe box, trunk or large purse.

Clocking in at just one pound, BubbleBum is lighter that most of the other things we all have to lug around every day. We think once the secret about this new helper gets out, it’s really going to, well … blow up.

Available online at bubblebum.com, $29.99.

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— Kelly Aiglon