LEGOs are all over your floor, under your couch and now, with the release of The LEGO Movie, on a big screen near you. And it doesn’t stop there. Thanks to a new partnership between Google and LEGO, they will have a whole new dimension: You can build with them in virtual 3D.

Brick Building Goes Digital 
Google Chrome and LEGO recently announced they’re teaming up to offer a digital building experience with no limitations called Build with Chrome. Using a 3D graphics technology, you can build literally anything you want with just a click of the mouse (or, choose to build using just your hands on your phone or tablet). With this new way to build, you’ll never run out of certain colors, shapes, or be limited by what is (or isn’t) in your plastic bin ever again. Build on the airplane, in line for carpool, or at your play date.

Cool Factor
If you can click a mouse you can use Build with Chrome, meaning the interface is simple and intuitive. Once you’ve put the finishing touches on your creation, you can sign in with your Google+ account and publish your work of art to your friends and see what others in your circles have made. Curious what others around you are building? You have the option to see what your community (or really, anyone else in the world) has constructed using Google’s map feature.

Still Curious?
Watch this video, which gives the 411 on the Build with Chrome experience.


What’s your initial reaction to Build with Chrome? Will you let your kids try it out? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below. 

— Erin Lem

photo is a screenshot from Build with Chrome’s promotional video