Hosting your first play date can feel like going to prom: butterflies in the tummy, wondering if things will click, hoping for no awkward silence. But being the host has big rewards if you don’t mind a little planning. You’ll get to trade battle stories with other parents and let the kids play — even if they’re just in the goo-goo-ga-ga phase. Scroll through our flipbook for tips for creating the perfect play date, from snacks to activities to mocktails.

Build an Obstacle Course

This is an awesome activity for crawling kiddos. If you’ve got one of those tunnels -- great! If not, collect some cardboard boxes and create your own. Add some pillows and get baby on the move in order to work out those gross motor skills!

Photo: via Lars Ploughmann on flickr


How do you prepare for the perfect play date? Share with us in the Comments!

— Gabby Cullen

Featured photo: Parker Knight via flickr