Hosting your first play date can feel like going to prom: butterflies in the tummy, wondering if things will click, hoping for no awkward silence. But being the host has big rewards if you don’t mind a little planning. You’ll get to trade battle stories with other parents and let the kids play — even if they’re just in the goo-goo-ga-ga phase. Scroll through our flipbook for tips for creating the perfect play date, from snacks to activities to mocktails.

Snack Time Essentials

Parents need sustenance; how else would we manage to chase after rolling, crawling, toddling and running babes? It’s always a score to have snacks on hand for guests. Fruit, crackers, cheese or, if you’re feeling ambitious, baked goods can be a huge hit. Whip up a batch of these raspberry lemon muffins and your guests will swoon.

Photo: Erin Lem


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— Gabby Cullen

Featured photo: Parker Knight via flickr