You’ve made it through three trimesters and child birth, but now’s there’s a fourth trimester? Yep. It’s what they call the three months when your baby is thrust out of the cozy womb into this loud, cold world, and also the time you are recovering from labor and delivery. It’s a time of transitions – for your baby, and for you. It can be tough on you both. We know, because we’ve been there. Here are 13 signs you’re in your fourth trimester.

Photo: Lucas Torresi via Flickr

1. Your little one sleeps so often you wonder if you’ll ever get a photo of him with his eyes open.

Photo: Jencu via Flickr

2. You’re thankful for all the pants you own with a stretchy waist. Your little one rocks his own pint-sized leggings. Leggings for everyone!

Photo: Beth via Flickr

3. When you hear a baby cry – even if it’s an unknown little one on the other side of the produce section – you leak like a faucet. You’re a walking, talking milk machine.

Photo: Madeleine Ball via Flickr

4. You’ve quickly become a swaddling expert and can wrap that baby tight in six seconds flat.

Photo: Julie, Dave & Family via Flickr

5. You’re still using your stash of pink-and-blue striped blankets and the matching stretchy hat they sent you home with from the hospital.

Photo: Brian via Flickr

6. Someone asks you when you’re due. While your baby is clearly with you.

Photo: Quinn Dombrowski via Flickr

7. You’ve become a super fan of one specific bottle/pacifier/diaper/onesie brand and you shout its praises to all the expecting mamas you know.

Photo: Simon Cocks via Flickr

8. After nine months sans-alcohol, a single glass of wine goes straight to your head.

Photo: Shira Gal via Flickr

9. You’ve spent hours counting your little one’s tiny perfect fingers and toes.

Photo: Jessica Merz via Flickr

10. You have a whole new appreciation of what it means to be bone tired, and you’re so exhausted that, while you’re walking through the frozen food aisle, you look down and discover you’re still wearing your fuzzy slippers.

Photo: Emery Way via Flickr

11. You’ve burnt through two vacuum cleaners  – not because you’re actually cleaning, but because the roar is a super-soother for your baby.

Photo: Julie, Dave, and Family via Flickr

12. You’ve got a constant fix for your new baby smell addiction and while away the hours sniffing and kissing your baby’s downy-soft head.

Photo: Martin Dube via Flickr

13. You’re convinced that your little one is the most beautiful baby ever – and a super genius, too, once she figures out how to get her own tiny, wildly thrashing hand to meet up with her mouth so she can suck her thumb.

Photo: Mary Ann Morgan via Flickr

14. The hormonal rollercoaster ride you’ve been on for the last nine months is still going strong: you crumble into tears when your baby goes from size one to size two diapers. She’s growing up so fast.

Do these sound familiar? What part of the fourth trimester stands out to you? Share below.

–Oz Spies