Going green for your baby? We don’t blame you. When you’ve got such a tiny, fragile human to look after, it’s only natural to scour ingredient labels and question everything your newborn touches. Luckily, there are plenty of eco-friendly goodies to make green-minded parenting easy and fun. From plastic-free feeding to organic fashion, are some of the best new eco introductions for baby this year.

Baby Brezza Glass Bottle

Feel best about feeding your baby from a glass bottle? We love Baby Brezza's modern glass option. Designed with the help of a lactation consultant, the breast-like nipple aims to limit confusion for breast-fed babies. Plus, an anti-colic venting systems should help reduce gas and discomfort. You'll save time and effort cleaning because this bottle is only two parts - a nipple and a wide-mouth bottle.

Available at babybrezza.com, $15.99.

What’s your favorite way to go green with your baby? Tell us below.

–Julie Seguss