Whether you’re expecting your first baby or you’re an old pro at the baby waiting game, the fact is, there’s nothing more exciting than discovering what the gender of your little one is going to be.

Over the course of the nine months that you’ll spend waiting for his or her arrival, it’s likely that you’ll feel your anticipation mount with each passing trimester.

But even if you’re tough enough to hold out for the duration of your pregnancy without forcing the big reveal to happen before the baby’s birth, chances are you’ll still be curious about whether you’ll be cradling a little guy or gal in your loving arms.

If you’re eager for a fun way to possibly predict the sex of the bun you have baking in your oven, or you’re interested in livening up your baby shower with some fun-filled parlor games, you’ll want to consider some of these wacky ways to predict the gender of your baby!

1. The garlic test
Are you eager to figure out if a bouncing baby boy is the one who’s been giving you so much trouble over these last few months? If so, you should definitely look into trying out the garlic test. According to this old wives tale, if you eat a clove of garlic raw and you can smell it for days after and sense that it is sweating out of your pores, this could be a sign that you’re pregnant with a boy! Pretty crazy, right?

To find out the other three wacky ways to predict your baby’s sex head on over to Pregnancy Magazine for the scoop.

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