When you’re in those early weeks of new motherhood, you’ll do pretty much anything to get baby to sleep. 4moms, the brand behind the popular mamaRoo infant seat, is set to introduce a new product into their line of innovative baby gear to help parents (and baby) score a few more moments of precious sleep. Read on to learn all about the new mamaRoo sleep bassinet and why it might be a good fit for your family.

The Scoop
Whether your baby prefers rocking or enjoys a bouncing sensation, there’s no denying that she likes movement. After all, she was in the womb for 10 months being soothed by your body’s natural rhythms and motion.

The brand-new 4moms mamaRoo sleep bassinet, set to debut in early 2020, tries to mimic these movements. The bassinet features five motions: car ride, wave, kangaroo, tree swing and rock-a-bye, along with vibration, four different white noise options, and five different speed options.

Additional features worth noting:
• Safety is your #1 priority, and 4moms shares your perspective. That’s why they’ve ensured the bassinet’s firm and flat sleep surface adheres to the American Association of Pediatrics (AAP) Safe Sleep Guidelines. Even the bassinet’s featureslike height adjust for optimal visibility and accessibility, as well as mesh sidesall create a safe sleep environment for your little.

• Control the bassinet from your smartphone by downloading the 4moms app. You can control the motion, speed, vibration and sounds. Or, use the app to set a timer to help establish a consistent bedtime routine.

• Optional opportunity to purchase a storage basket, sold separately.

The new mamaRoo sleep bassinet is appropriate for babies up to 25 pounds or until your child can push up on her hands or knees (whichever comes first). Retail price is $329.99, and it will be available in early 2020 at 4moms.com and Bed Bath & Beyond, with further retail distribution in spring 2020.

—Erin Lem

photos: 4moms



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