A mass of baby-related information inundates new and expecting parents. It comes, solicited or not, from well-meaning friends and family, books, websites, healthcare professionals, and media. But no matter how much you absorb as you set out on your parenting journey, keep in mind that all parents take wrong turns here and there. And while most of those so-called mistakes are harmless, there are a few common areas you’ll want to pay particular attention to.

Car seats
Most new parents focus on proper car seat installation and keep informed of latest CPSC recalls and AAP recommendations. However, many don’t consider the potential hazard of leaving baby for too long in a car seat while not in the car. Especially with the prevalence of portable car seat baby carriers, the tendency to let baby sleep in the car seat until he wakes is common.A baby’s respiratory system can be compromised by leaving him in that position too long, and this is particularly risky for premature or babies approximately 10 pounds and under.Although it’s tempting to let baby carry out a napping session if he falls asleep in the car seat, he really should be taken out and placed in a crib or bassinet.

Baby Products
New and expecting parents often receive gifts of scented lotions, baby powder, and washes and with all of the great packaging and marketing they’re easy to fall for. However, it’s important to know that these types of consumer products-even baby ones-are not regulated by the FDA. Many are packed with toxins that can easily be absorbed into your baby’s tissue-like skin. They’re so little and don’t have the ability to detoxify like adults leaving them quite vulnerable. The best solution is to purchase products for baby that are free of unnecessary chemical ingredients. Become informed through websites like and which have recommendations and information about “safe” brands. And remember-just because a product is pricey and says it’s natural” doesn’t mean it’s the best for your baby.

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