How do you treat a baby’s fever? Is it safe to take ibuprofen while pregnant? How can you get help from a lactation consultant at 2 am? Never fear, new mamas and moms-to-be. There are apps available to answer lots of the questions you might have about your body or your little one’s, even if they strike in the middle of the night. Here are six of our favorites.

Important note: These apps can offer guidance and helpful information, but always talk to your doctor if you need medical advice, treatment or a diagnosis.


Children’s MD
This free app, developed by Children’s Hospital Colorado, is like having a calm, trusted nurse in your back pocket. You’ll find a symptom guide that’s easy to navigate and includes helpful tips about how to make feverish little ones more comfortable, plus suggestions for when it’s time to call the doctor. You’ll also find advice about everything from making doctor’s visits easier to suggestions for finger foods, and pediatric dosage tables for over-the-counter meds. The information comes from clinical protocols used in more than 10,000 practices and 400 nurse advice call centers.

App available on iTunes or Android, free. Learn more on the website.


Wondering if your baby’s getting enough milk? Worried that your little one’s latch isn’t quite right? The experienced, certified lactation consultants at Momseze are available 24/7 to answer your questions. You can connect by voice, video or text, either one time only or with a subscription for unlimited monthly access. Since breastfeeding can be harder than we think it will be, this app can offer major peace of mind for nursing mamas.

App available on iTunes or Android, free; $39–$59 for a consultation, $129–$249 for a subscription. Learn more on the website.


Mommy Meds
Wondering which medications are safe to take while you’re pregnant or nursing? Mommy Meds, based on more than 25 years of research by the Texas Tech University Health Science Center’s InfantRisk Center, offers information about over-the-counter meds and prescriptions. Simply scan the bar code of the medication bottle to find out more about drug safety.

App available on iTunes or Android, free. Learn more on the website.


Amwell: Doctor Visits 24/7
Through this app, you can video-chat with a therapist about postpartum depression or anxiety, set up an appointment with a board-certified lactation consultant, or ask an ob/gyn about your symptoms, all without ever leaving the couch. Note: While Amwell offers lots of services from therapy to women’s health, pediatric care isn’t on their menu.

App available on iTunes or Android, free. Services cost $59–$200 and may be covered by insurance. Learn more on the website.


Doula Contraction Labor Coach
Looking for a calm, peaceful voice to coach you through 3 am. contractions? This app, developed by a midwife from a birth center in Amsterdam, is designed to help mamas relax during the first hours of contractions, with soothing nature sounds or background tunes. You can also use the app to track your contractions.

App available on iTunes or Android, free, plus in-app purchases. Learn more on the website.


First Aid
This app from the American Red Cross offers the perfect refresher for that baby CPR class you took months ago. You’ll find step-by-step directions to prepare you for all kinds of emergencies, from poisoning to allergic reactions, plus emergency first aid instructions. And, if you need it, the app will direct you to the hospital that’s closest to you.

App available on iTunes or Android, free. Learn more on the website.

Which app do you think would be most helpful for you? Tell us in the comments below.

— Oz Spies

featured photo: James Willcox via Flickr