We all know swaddling helps babies sleep and reduces cryingboth their crying and ours. But wrapping a swaddle blanket correctly around a wriggly baby isn’t easy. Fortunately, there’s now the Sleepea, billed as a 5-second swaddle. Read on to find out more about this innovative sleep sack.

Sleepea zips up snugly so baby can’t Houdini their way out of it, features breathable mesh to prevent overheating and a two-way zipper for easier diaper changes, and contains inner bands that keep arms in the best position for baby sleep.

The Sleepea comes from famed pediatrician Dr. Harvey Karp, who wowed us with the award-winning SNOO bassinet. Dr. Karp knows a thing or two about swaddling and baby sleep. He’s the man behind the best-selling parenting guide Happiest Baby on the Block and the 5 S’s soothing technique that comforts babies in seconds flat. And what is the first “S” in his proven technique? You guessed it: swaddling.

The 100% organic cotton Sleepea sleep sack comes in three sizes: small (5-12 lbs), medium (12-18 lbs) and large (18-25 lbs). The medium and large sizes have side holes with snaps so you can place babies’ arms outside the sleep sack when you’re transitioning from the swaddle. Sleepea comes in four colors (teal, rose, graphite and sky blue), all sprinkled with a sweet star pattern to remind you of the good night you and your baby will have thanks to this innovative sleep sack.

Available at happiestbaby.com, $23.95.

What’s your best trick for helping baby fall asleep? Let us know in the comments.

— Eva Ingvarson Cerise


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