A crib is a major purchase — one that takes weeks, even months, of research! For a moment, forget having to be practical. Forget what cribs cost. Forget the time it takes to set them up. Click through our photo album and just dream. Drift away from the norm and get inspired by these beautiful, over-the-top cribs that we found in the blogosphere. Some are for sale and others are DIY designs. All of them are inspiring and, while they might not find their way to your nursery, they’ll still make you feel like you’re floating on a cloud.

Lit Moon from Creme Anglaise

Soak up the stars while sleeping in this handmade lunar bed. Designed to cocoon, it makes infants feel as if they are back in mama’s warmth. Delivered straight from France, this Lit Moon bed is a splurge, rounding up to about $1359.90.

Available online: cremeanglaise.bigcartel.com

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— Christal Yuen