It’s never too early to dabble in the arts. Introduce your curious little bundle to a world of colors — and don’t be afraid to get messy! We roved the web and found a slew of art projects you can do at home with your baby or toddler. Click through our photo album and get ready to do everything from footprint stamps to flyswatter paintings.

Butterfly Footprint Art

Mom and dad will have to do most of the work for this one ... but there is adorable, colorful payoff. A footprint -- made using a non-toxic multicolored stamp pad -- is transformed into the image of a butterfly. Click here to find out how Beth, a stay-at-home mom to twinfants, recommends you pull it off.

Photo: Courtesy of SawdustandEmbryos

How have you introduced your baby to arts and crafts? Tell us in the comments below.

— Gabby Cullen