It’s never too early to dabble in the arts. Introduce your curious little bundle to a world of colors — and don’t be afraid to get messy! We roved the web and found a slew of art projects you can do at home with your baby or toddler. Click through our photo album and get ready to do everything from footprint stamps to flyswatter paintings.

Plan a DIY Art Supply Party

Are your babies nearing their first birthday (or beyond) and ready to explore art? Band together as a playgroup to endure the messy fun together. Each mom should bring one, baby-safe homemade art supply for the babies to use at the playdate. Find recipes for natural molding dough, edible finger paint, colored rice, edible cloud dough and more in our post on natural DIY projects here. As the host, you should provide paper, drop clothes (old sheets work perfectly!) and lots of baby wipes for clean up. If the weather is warm enough, we suggest you take this art playdate outside to minimize mess and clean up. During this arty hour, the babies should take a turn with each of the different art supplies.

Why it's a Winner: Not only can you share the job of keeping a baby's art mess contained, but you can share in the joy of how much fun babies have getting messy and creative. Plus, every mom is sure to love taking home Baby's first masterpiece.

Photo: Fun at Home with Kids

How have you introduced your baby to arts and crafts? Tell us in the comments below.

— Gabby Cullen