Even if you’re not 100 percent tree-hugger, you surely care about the health of your little ones. Luckily, there are tons of awesome organic baby products out there that are free of GMOs, pesticides, and other potentially harmful chemicals. But where do you even begin …like what is BPA anyway?! Get a head start by following this must-have list of the best eco-friendly toys, household cleaners, baby food, clothing, skincare and more to create a healthy green space for you and your family.

California Baby Protects Baby's Skin The Natural Way

California Baby was founded by an awesome mom-preneur looking for an all-natural baby shampoo free from fragrances and chemicals that would gentle on baby's sensitive skin (and grown ups, too). Today, California Baby has over 80 products ranging from all natural baby shampoo, lotions, and diaper creams to sunblocks and bug sprays. From organically farmed plant-based ingredients to solar powered and eco-friendly manufacturing, California Baby tops the product category.


What eco-friendly brands do you love? Share your favorite organic products in the Comments below! 

-Ashly Grzyb