Finally, after enduring all of the drooling and crankiness of teething, Baby’s first tooth is here! Now what? If you haven’t started brushing yet, now is the time. Lucky for your little, there’s a brand new toothbrush you’ve gotta have: FOREO’s ISSA mikro.


Why Does Baby Need a Power Toothbrush? 

The ISSA mikra electric toothbrush is designed just for kids ages 0 to 4. And why should a child that young have a power toothbrush? Until you’ve tried it, you might not understand how tough it can be to throughly brush a baby’s teeth. With this brush, you’ll know that every second you can get a brush in his little mouth, this brush is doing the most thorough job possible. The soft silicone bristles and sonic vibrations work together to gently and safely clean your baby’s teeth. And if that’s not enough, the sheer novelty of having a buzzing brush may peak your baby’s interest in dental care, which can sometimes be quite a feat.

ISSA mikro Sunflower Yellow

Teething Relief

Even before your little one’s first tooth sprouts, he’ll probably love this brush. The sonic power provides gentle vibrations that’ll soothe your little ones gums and the soft material provides relief during teething from the first tooth all the way through those pesky canines and molars.

Talk About Clean

The one-piece design is made from safe silicone that’s BPA-free and phthalate-free. Silicone also happens to be bacteria-resistant and 10,000 times more hygienic than nylon, which typically makes up a toothbrush’s bristles. Makes sense for something you’re sticking in your baby’s mouth a few times a day, right?

Available for pre-order on, $89, shipping this month.

Does your baby love or hate getting his teeth brushed? Tell us about your routine in a Comment.

–Julie Seguss